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 Tique a Bou Clothing
 Tique a Bou Clothing
 Tique a Bou Clothing
  •  Tique a Bou Clothing  Very good quality fabric. They are very efficient in terms of delivery. I miss receiving packages from tiqueabou. Bring the Sales back! ???

     Tique a Bou Clothing Damaris Wambui

     Tique a Bou Clothing  I liked the quick delivery service when I made my order. Your services are efficient and I appreciate the fact that you lived up to your promise on delivery to Nairobi. The quality of items was also great! Can’t wait to order with you again!

     Tique a Bou Clothing Marion Mithamo

     Tique a Bou Clothing  Amazing quality , Killer service ..... Best buy ever!!!

     Tique a Bou Clothing Laura Ken'an
  •  Tique a Bou Clothing  Good quality products plus their delivery times are always ?

     Tique a Bou Clothing Wangechi Gachuhi

     Tique a Bou Clothing  It was my first online shopping way back 2012. You can never go wrong coz the quality and size is always on point

     Tique a Bou Clothing Evelyn Inziani

     Tique a Bou Clothing  Only had two buys and They were exactly how they looked online!!! Thank goodness the size was good too ?

     Tique a Bou Clothing Sherrie Lyn
  •  Tique a Bou Clothing  Bought a bag and it arrived next day! wonderful customer service. Definitely shop with them again and again. Loving my bag. Thanks Tique a Bou!

     Tique a Bou Clothing Mary Njogu

     Tique a Bou Clothing  Great service,minimal delivery time, i loved it!

     Tique a Bou Clothing Wathiong'o Sylvia

     Tique a Bou Clothing  Tique a Bou has been my first mail order experience and I've been really impressed by your service. Even thou the size was not right, they were able to change it for me.

     Tique a Bou Clothing Rubina Janmoh'd
  •  Tique a Bou Clothing  Very disappointed! Paid for the maxi dress advertised online. According to the website, size 12 was available only to get a call later that it was unavailable. Plus when you pay by pesapal ur charged and the charge is not included in the refund considering the fault was not mine. It was my first purchase and might lose trust in Tique Bou!

     Tique a Bou Clothing Meg Njoroge

     Tique a Bou Clothing  This is my best online shopping service I've gotten in a really long time, despite me working far away, I got my goods, to my specifications... and they fit perfectly.... now that I know, I'll get to shop the more with you people thank you people so much really love everything

     Tique a Bou Clothing Lor-raine Laur-ret

     Tique a Bou Clothing  Guaranteed quality and safe delivery. Never disappoints.

     Tique a Bou Clothing Phoebe Mwaniki
  •  Tique a Bou Clothing  the service is good, the only issue i had is that i found the all process very silent, yes you give update via email but if i couldn't open my email everyday to check then i would have no info concerning my order i will advice to call your customers.... OVERALL i liked my dress its everything i hoped it would be, the fitting is perfect and the quality too. i have my eyes on some items i will definitely shop again.. thanks a lot

     Tique a Bou Clothing Marcelle Sendresse

     Tique a Bou Clothing  Excellent service..i always get my orders on time, and you guyz have great taste too, i always go through your website, to find something new, keep up the good work, am a happy customer :-).

     Tique a Bou Clothing Wanjiku Mwaura

     Tique a Bou Clothing  Tique a Bou has been my first mail order experience and I've been really impressed by your service. Not only do I get what I order, in good shape........ it comes in record time! Right to my door! Absolutely amazing....I think us Kenyans are used to getting raw deals so this is a pleasant and very welcome surprise! And your stuff is great. A quicker turn-around time in clothes would be very welcome, and a wider variety of accessories. But overall, I love your stuff and I find it good value for money.

     Tique a Bou Clothing Elizabeth Nzani Wachira
  •  Tique a Bou Clothing  Great service and i love the product. Keep up the good work.

     Tique a Bou Clothing Debra Ajwang

     Tique a Bou Clothing  excellent customer care, reliable delivery time ,good quality beautiful merchandise.i shall definitely be a return customer.thanks a lot.

     Tique a Bou Clothing Cathy J Kanari Maina

     Tique a Bou Clothing  Uma loja muito linda e gira

     Tique a Bou Clothing Rosa Raul
  •  Tique a Bou Clothing  nice men shirts......

     Tique a Bou Clothing Steve Wanjohi Jr.

     Tique a Bou Clothing  Smart en afordable shoes ...just go en get it

     Tique a Bou Clothing Linah Mutheu

     Tique a Bou Clothing  Best website av ever bought stuff from.very professional and good customer care

     Tique a Bou Clothing Nuria Ali
  •  Tique a Bou Clothing  One of the best online stores! To your door delivery done without a fuss complete with receipts. Thank you I made my order yesterday and received it today morning and am pleased.

     Tique a Bou Clothing Wangui Kiili

     Tique a Bou Clothing  Am looking forward to your sexy plus size collection.

     Tique a Bou Clothing Linda Icequeen

     Tique a Bou Clothing  Great prompt service. Love my new shoes 🙂

     Tique a Bou Clothing Carol Nzui
  •  Tique a Bou Clothing  Hey kindly let me know where your situated in mombasa cause am coming there this weekend and would like to visit your shop to buy shoes.

     Tique a Bou Clothing Sleek Chic

     Tique a Bou Clothing  Thanks Tique a bou for your service,i am a happy customer.Patricia you are the best!!

     Tique a Bou Clothing Priscilla Gathenya

     Tique a Bou Clothing  Nice goodies...hw can i get den

     Tique a Bou Clothing Dee Nelly
  •  Tique a Bou Clothing  I love the shoes

     Tique a Bou Clothing Dona Achieng

     Tique a Bou Clothing  Lovely stuff you got there..

     Tique a Bou Clothing Nancy Weru

     Tique a Bou Clothing  Loved the prompt delivery. But make sure your order gets to them waaay before 3pm in order to have your next day delivery. Pat is a doll. Keep up the good customer service 🙂

     Tique a Bou Clothing Jay Aries



Tique a Bou believes that online shopping should be a fun and satisfying experience. That’s why we always deliver what we advertise, and we get it to you the next day. We accept returns or exchanges, just give us a call first! And our team works hard to bring this to you for affordable prices. Tique a Bou brings online shopping to Kenya with affordable dresses, shoes, bags and accessories delivered to your doorstep nationwide.