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Beat The Cold

Hi guys, the weather in Mombasa has been so hormonal; cold, hot, hot, cold… so confusing so it’s hard to figure out what to wear. I know you must be wondering; “Mombasa cold, that cant be true!” When I first moved here, I would laugh at guys wearing sweaters or my brother covering himself with a blanky at night, and am there contemplating sleeping on the balcony to get some breeze to cool down and have a good night sleep. But having lived here for 3 years, I do cover myself with a blanky and when it rains I wear a sweater and take hot showers. Ohh and best of all I do enjoy a cup of hot chai every so often 😉

Any way, if we are cold in Mombasa, those of you in other towns must be freezing and the new stock at Tique a Bou has you covered! Check out my current outfit…










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